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Snizl Success Stories: 2-Year-Old Business has “biggest market reach ever!” using Snizl

In our latest Snizl Success Story case study, we take a look at the hampers & homeware business on Snizl, For Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday, owned by Kaili Osborn.

Over the short few months the business has been with us, using the Premium Plan in conjunction with our Viral Competition Method has allowed the business to rake in an impressive 16,000 Views, 8,000 Impressions and 2,900 Followers.

Forgotten what a Snizl Post is? Find out.

Meet Kaili, the face of the business

I started Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday back in 2019 after trying to search for the perfect Christmas gift for the males in the family. I decided to try and make a chocolate and scratchcard bouquet for them, I was very impressed and added it to my social media where my friends all wanted one as well. Since then, I’ve constantly grown and I’m always looking for new ideas to keep it fresh, I now offer party decorations, chocolate bouquets and other gift items!

– Kaili, Owner of For Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday
For Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday business page on Snizl

Using Snizl has been successful for the business in many ways…

For Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday can now take advantage of their success by Boosting their Deals and Promotions to 2,900 devices. But how did they get to this stage?

The business has hosted two Competitions during their time on Snizl so far. The first raked in an impressive 2.3k followers, 9.6k Views and reached over 7 traffic sources across the internet.

Expired Competition and existing Competition on Snizl – Case Study

By offering a Chocolate Box as part of a Competition, the Snizl Marketing Team were able to get to work including the Competition in our emails to over a quarter of a million Snizl Users.

Stats for the expired Competition – Case Study

Kaili finds it easy to navigate the platform, hence the impressive stats

I discovered Snizl on a Facebook ad for free advertising. I had a look and was happy with what I had seen. So, I signed up and found it so easy to use and I like the chat feature where they help you through It.

– Kaili, Owner of For Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday

It’s not called the Viral Competition Method for anything…

Instantly, Snizl Users started sharing the Competition for more chances to win (we incentivize sharing Competitions for two extra entries) and the automatic entrant-to-followers system generated a steady trickle of interested customers for the business – Who they can now push their regular Posts to.

Businesses can’t get enough of our Viral Competition Method

Once you start, you won’t be able to stop. Understanding that you now have a way of capturing an audience who are not only interested in your Competitions, but the products you sell is addictive.

That’s why so many of our businesses continue Posting Competitions, which only add to their impressive results.

For Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday have another Competition running on Snizl, and in just a couple of weeks, they’ve gained another 5.7k Views, and 1.4k Unique entrants – All at the cost of a hairbrush. Incredible!

Stats for the existing Competition – Case Study

Now they’ve secured their audience, their other Posts are getting traction

An interested audience has been secured and retained. Now, they’re focusing on Posting the best Deals and Promotions their business has to offer.

From homeware, chocolate bouquets, hampers and annual event products like Mother’s Day bouquets – They’re providing content their newfound audience followed them for in the first place.

Success on their other Posts – Case Study

I’ve since uploaded 2 competitions and I’m blown away with the results. The views and followers I have gained have been incredible and this has been my biggest market reach ever! Especially now since social media platforms make it so hard for businesses to be seen.

– Kaili, Owner of For Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday

Do your part. We’re doing ours

The Snizl Team work behind the scenes adding your Posts to our marketing emails to over a quarter of a million people and share the vast majority of Premium businesses’ Posts to our social media channels so that you get the best possible outcome using our marketing platform.

All you have to do is use up your Boosts! Send push notifications to your followers about your latest Posts to increase chances of creating leads and generating sales.

It’s that simple.

I would 100% recommend Snizl to everyone it’s so easy to use. You get shared on multiple platforms and get seen by 100’s of users. You can also share your Competitions on your social media pages so no more stress of drawing a winner yourself. Snizl does this all for you whilst gaining new customers as well!

– Kaili, Owner of For Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday

Wow – Thanks Kaili, we’re all blushing!

Ready to see stats and success like this for your business?

Upgrade to Premium for just £10.00 per month or take a look around and create a few Posts on Snizl on the Free Plan.

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