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Snizl Success Story: Lockdown Jewellery Business gets 19k Impressions

The pandemic has been challenging for millions of people and businesses around the globe – (Although not for this jewellery business it seems).

It’s been a hurdle none of us thought we’d have to overcome and therefore many were just not prepared.

The one thing lockdown has given us though is time, which many entrepreneurs took advantage of. And, with a healthy dose of resilience, it’s led many of these budding business owners to actually find success.

Callibeau Jewellery’s story…

In Callibeau Jewellery’s case, a UK made 1-year-old jewellery business, lockdown allowed their organisation to flourish.

And, with the help of the Snizl Platform, their business has gained a whopping 19.3k Impressions on our marketing platform.

We launched Callibeau Jewellery last year which we had wanted to do for many years. One of the positives for us of the pandemic was having the time available to dedicate to launching the business.  

Family members have been in the trade for over 40 years, but have never sold to consumers. It felt like it was the right time to launch an online jewellery business ourselves, selling gold, silver and fashion jewellery, plus a collection of unique handmade pieces.  

We launched the business with 200 products purely selling jewellery for women. We are fast approaching 700 items and now include men’s jewellery. This will continue to grow as we grow as a business. 

We wanted to offer something different to our customers. Not only do we offer quality, UK made jewellery, but there are also no surprises when you get to the checkout; for example, free, tracked, UK delivery and a gift box is included with every order. There is nothing worse than getting to checkout to find you have to pay for postage or a gift box, it turns many people away. 

All our packaging is fully recyclable, which we felt was extremely important as we all need to play our part in looking after the environment.  

– Malcolm Wells, Callibeau Jewellery
Callibeau Jewellery on Snizl – Business page and Posts.

Callibeau suggest Snizl is easy to use and traction is built fast…

We discovered Snizl on Facebook and as a new, small business, with a very limited marketing budget, it seemed too good an opportunity to pass up. Snizl is very easy to navigate and you can see very quickly how much traction your promotion, deal or competition is getting. We are learning all the time in terms of what types of posts and content appeal to users the most and will continue to monitor all deals and promotions etc.

– Malcolm Wells, Callibeau Jewellery

We’ve designed Snizl to be a level playing field for independent and smaller businesses. That’s why so many businesses find our marketing platform easy to navigate, and even easier to generate engagement on.

Callibeau Jewellery has seen fantastic success on our marketing platform in terms of Impressions Views and Claims.
Callibeau Jewellery has seen fantastic success on our marketing platform in terms of Impressions Views and Claims.

Our Viral Competition Method has struck again for this jewellery business…

We are absolutely delighted by the number of followers we have attracted through our competition and intend to boost special offers to them and create exclusive offers for our followers. The key will be generating business from our promotions and we hope that our growing follower base will prove fruitful for our small business. We have had a lot of very positive comments on the competition about how stylish and beautiful our jewellery is, which is encouraging as it’s always great to receive that independent feedback. 

– Malcolm Wells, Callibeau Jewellery

If you see our Case Studies regularly, you may be starting to notice a pattern.

Competitions spread like wildfire on the internet, and with the marketing department pushing your content at all times (especially if you’re signed up to Premium) and over a quarter of a million interested Snizl Users just waiting to see what’s on offer next, the engagement you’re guaranteed to see on good-quality Competition Posts will exceed all expectations.

All entrants are automatically generated into followers. So, you’ll gain a following on Snizl quicker than any other leading platform – and we stand by that bold statement.

Once followers are generated, you can use our Boost features to re-market your deals, offers and announcements back to their very devices or to the top of the busy real-time feed.

Think about it, you’re sending products similar to the Competition prize they’re interested in back to their devices – You’re bound for more Views and Claims.

Jewellery business uses Boosts to communicate with their audience. Only available on the Premium Plan.
Premium allows businesses to push their recent updates to their followers’ devices. This increases the chance of generating sales!

It’s our passion to offer value for money…

So far Snizl has been of great value and the customer service has been exceptional and we would certainly recommend them to other small businesses. The support for our deals and promotions through emails, tweeting our offers, posting them on Facebook and even sharing our competition on MoneySavingExpert has been greatly appreciated and certainly been a great help in promoting our business to a wider audience. This would not have been possible before without spending a lot more money. The ball is firmly in our court to produce engaging content, deals and offers for our ever-growing follower numbers. 

– Malcolm Wells, Callibeau Jewellery

We know that especially after the year we’ve had, it’s important businesses only spend what’s absolutely necessary. That’s why Snizl is free forever. Or just £10.00 to be on the Premium Plan.

The Premium Plan boasts a handful of impressive benefits which guarantees you marketing success.

We want to personally thank Callibeau Jewellery for featuring in our Case Study and for being part of the Snizl Business Community – Snizl Users love your business and we do too!

Considering an upgrade? Learn more.

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