Non-Essential Business Re-Opens Soon: Advertise to a Quarter of a Million People for 33p

Outdoor sports facilities are open once again from 29th March 2021.

On April 12th, you should expect to see non-essential retail, personal care facilities and indoor sports and leisure open up too.

What does this mean for your business? Well essentially, you’re back in the game!

Gyms, swimming pools, sports centres, clothing stores, homeware and travel agents etc can once again operate and welcome customers back in their doors – so from now until the 29th, there’s no better time to advertise your brand.

For the full list of businesses that are once again allowed to re-open on these dates, visit the GOV website.

Be at the forefront

We’re calling it ‘The Big Rush’. Because from the 12th of April, millions of people will start to merge back into the ‘new-normal’.

It may not quite be what it once was, but the hustle and bustle may leave your business in a difficult position.

Fewer people will be sat infront of their phone screens and at their place of work instead. People will be out on the weekend enjoying the well-deserved freedom and less likely to be scrolling through digital platforms.

Therefore, screen-time will no longer take the floor.

You can avoid this position though, with a little bit of forward-thinking and utilisation of leading digital platforms, you can advertise your brand quickly and easily without looking ‘salesy’…

Make marketing & advertising a priority over the next few weeks

Before society merges back into the ‘new-normal’ causing The Big Rush, it’s vital that you market and advertise the necessary announcements regarding your business to not only increase conversions but begin to plant a brand awareness seed.

Carry out some show-stopping brand awareness tactics

Brand awareness plays a huge part in terms of click-throughs. If you start using free methods now to announce to your customers and potential customers information about when you’re opening, what’s on offer and any other news about your business, once society starts moving once again, they’ll know who to come back to.

If your business is the answer to their problem, and you’ve spread the word about your business thoroughly beforehand, there’s no reason why potential customers won’t come back to you in times of need.

How to spread brand awareness

  • Post regular and consistent information about your services as an organisation on social media
  • Create Posts on the Snizl Feed highlighting to a quarter of a million shoppers what you offer
  • Create a Competition Post on Snizl to generate a following you can market back to while appearing legitimate and trustworthy

The factors above are just a handful of ways you can boost brand awareness. Using social media across all platforms allows your brand to appear trendy and consistent.

Creating Posts on Snizl gives your audience a wide range of services, promotions and offers your business has to offer, which they then can refer back to in the future.

And finally, creating a Competition and offering something for free, allows your brand to appear trustworthy and builds a friendly rapport. Not to mention the guaranteed automatic following which is generated by entree count. (I.e, the more you share your Competition, the more followers you get!)

Get your brand out there today with inexpensive advertising – Time will run out

There’s no doubt about it. We’re past the severe lockdown stages and as a nation, we’re now looking ahead to a freer way of life. It’s truly well deserved.

But, time will run out. This peroid of high screen-time and lounging about at home scrolling on social media will come to an end.

Will it be your business that uses this time wisely? Pushing your brand infront of peoples faces so that when COVID comes to a steady finish, potential customers have you in the back of their mind?

Advertise and market your brand for just 33p per day and take advantage of our ever-growing quarter of a million+ consumers, just waiting to hear what your brand has to offer.

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This blog was Non-Essential Business Re-Opens Soon: Advertise to a Quarter of a Million People for 33p, want to read more? Click here.

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