Snizl Success stories

Snizl Success Stories: How A Handmade Crafts Business Thrives

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Snizl is an all-inclusive platform, meaning any and every business can join. Each month, we witness a diverse range of businesses operating in different niches find success on our platform.

Carol Souter, based in Durham, joined Snizl and created a business page under the name Carols Creations – Chosen from a handful, this is her Snizl Success Story.

Carols Creations business page on Snizl. All fields are filled out perfectly with the help from our team here at Snizl.
Carols Creations business page on Snizl. All fields are filled out perfectly with the help of our team here at Snizl.

“I keep learning new crafting skills…”

 I am now in my early sixties but all through my life I have enjoyed making things whether it is sewing or knitting, back in the late 80s I had a toy factory called Allcrafts where I made many stuffed toys, but due to health I had to close this. Over the years I still kept making lots of presents for people, then in 2010, I started crafting again and opened a shop on Etsy and to this day I now have 2 shops on Etsy which are steady all year and 1 on Madame which is a new site so I only made a few sales but it will get better. I keep learning new crafting skills, my latest being the lovely art of Macrame. I have many items in my shops and cover a wide range in the hope that I will have something to suit everyone.

Carol uses her entrepreneurial and crafts skills gained throughout her life to build success selling on digital platforms.

Carol is obviously dedicated to her craft, and after speaking to her we felt inspired. She is open to exploring all digital avenues and has found success on many – including Snizl.

Carol started using Snizl on the 12th of October 2020 – and posted a Competition instantly.

Let’s not beat around the bush. Posting that Competition is the secret to her success, as her first Competition on Snizl raked in a whopping 1,192 followers.

Now, Carols products are beautiful, they come from an honest woman behind the brand and they’re handmade – what more could you want?

Well, only posting products to a new audience isn’t enough, and carol recognised this.

Offering a wide new audience something for free from the get-go is what gave Carol an advantage many businesses on other digital platforms will never have the pleasure of.

Carols incredible results, fueled by her very first Competition on Snizl!
Carols incredible results, fueled by her very first Competition on Snizl!

Instant Competitions help build you an audience in just days

By starting Snizl, signing up to Premium, and immediately taking advantage of our Instant Competitions, Carol was able to build an audience who trust her products and her brand.

As each entry automatically converts into a follower for your business on Snizl (with extra entries as incentives to share to more people) audiences grow fast.

The marketing team here at Snizl got to work, as we do with all of our Premium Plan businesses, sharing and promoting her Competition across several leading digital platforms.

The Competition ended and the winner was drawn. Handling the Competition perfectly Carol sent out the prize and offered excellent customer service.

We email the rest of the Competition entrees to tell them the news about not winning – Business owners only deal with the automatically chosen winner. Easy peasy Competition squeazy.

I intend to run a competition every month as I have seen how well it gains followers, plus I like to make someone happy it makes me feel good. I have not used the Boost feature yet but will start this month, I cannot wait to see how it all works out.

Now that Carol has seen the benefits of Instant Competitions and after we explained how she can market her products back to her followers, Carol is eager to continue the process, to build and grow as a business.
When a Premium Plan users Boosts their Posts to their new found followers phones, it will look like this!
When Premium Plan users Boost their Posts to their newfound followers’ phones, it will look like this!

Carol made the conscious decision to join Snizl on her own…

Snizl popped up on my Facebook one day and as always I had a look at the site and liked what I saw so for the last few months I have been putting a few posts on and, to be honest, I am still finding my way around, but the thing I liked most was that if I had made a mistake on my post or it needed a little something extra I would get an email from Dave (the customer care expert at Snizl) who is always happy to help and even offers to correct things for me. The few months running up to Christmas I found things very hectic, so having that little bit of help was so great.

At Snizl, we go the extra mile to help our business owners navigate their way around our platform, so they have a more positive experience marketing on Snizl.

What’s next for Carol?

Carol continues to use Snizl excellently. Posting Christmas themed Promotion Posts over the Christmas period and Posting a Mother’s Day discount on her handmade items as we run up to Mothering Sunday.

Carol uses Promotion Posts to remind her newfound followers about her different handmade collections. All of her Posts have had remarkable results.

As Carol is on the Premium Plan, she can send push notifications to her followers alerting them about her normal Posts i.e. Deals on crochet items and Promotions to remind her followers about her handmade facemasks.

Using the Boost feature to market to her increasing follower count of 1,284, Carol should begin to see re-engagement with her business, enquiries and of course, sales!

Finally, “Would you recommend Snizl to your fellow business owner friends?”

I am really pleased with the fact you have the Analytics to help you follow all your progress it really does help you find your weakness and strengths, but overall I am really happy I joined this site and would definitely recommend others try it too.

– Carol Souter, Durham

Thank you, Carol. For trusting us to help you to grow your business – and for being part of the Snizl Community! We can’t wait to watch your business grow in the future and for our users to discover your incredible crafts business.

So, that’s it. A summary about How One Handmade Business on the Premium Plan Thrives using the Snizl platform. Are you ready to beat the odds?

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