Not Making Instant Sales? It Doesn’t Matter…

Why not? Because advertising your business and brand does way more than what it says on the tin.

Yes, advertising is essentially built for increasing sales for your product or service. But, putting your brand out infront of hundreds and maybe even thousands of people time and time again logs your brand in the back of peoples minds.

The more you get your brand out infront of the public, the more it reaches the forefront of interested prospective clients’ memories.

And voila, when they are at a time in their life when they need your services, your business is the first that comes to mind. All of that clever marketing & advertising planted the seed perfectly.

Now you can focus on retaining that customer base with a fantastic retention scheme and live happily ever after. Money well spent on your advertising campaign.

Online display adverts are an effective branding exercise – it can be just as effective as TV for brand recall
Use digital marketing platforms to increase brand awareness so that customers come back and buy from you when they need you.

Of course not making any sales is an issue…

The title is a little misleading, if you’ve pumped hundreds into advertising but you’re not making a penny, you are doing something wrong.

You may be targetting the wrong audience on a digital platform they’re just not present on. Or, advertising using posters when your target audience are more likely to engage with emails.

Both of these factors, and many more, may not only be the reason why you’re not making any sales, but they’re the reason why people aren’t remembering your brand and coming back to it when they need it – because they’re just not seeing your content.

Many factors need to be considered when creating advertising campaigns so that they’re effective.

As a brand owner, you need to be aware of where your target audience resides. Creating customer profiles and allocating your advertising technique accordingly can help to increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

It’s important to deliver creative ads that focus on brand awareness and educating your audience
It’s not all about increasing profits. It’s vital you work on brand awareness, once you’ve established your brand and your audience know who and what you are, the custom will trickle in.

What will a successful advertising campaign look like?

Creating and identifying a detailed demographic about who your target audience is and how to advertise to them will lead to successful marketing. And although you may not notice profits shoot up, to begin with, you will find that they do, all in due course.

Thanks to the plantation of that seed each time they notice your coherent branding, useful message and creative marketing within your advertising, your audiences will remember you in times of need and profits will start to rise.

When your campaign is running you should see a lift in the number of searches via search engines
A successful advertising campaign targeted at the right audience should leave you with higher searches in search engines. You can check this data using software such as Google Analytics.

Using Snizl to plant that seed

At Snizl, we’re helping independent business across the whole country plant a seed in customers minds nationwide.

Offering 6 incredible marketing features at just £10 per month (that’s 33p per day) our marketing platform allows businesses to Post their services to over 300,000 eager shoppers.

During an online banner campaign, your website analytics tools should show an increase in visitors who have typed in your brand name and arrived directly at your site
Join Snizl Premium and be featured in our digital newsletters. Increase brand awareness and monitor direct click-throughs to your website as you keep the momentum of your online presence up.

Even if they don’t click to buy right at that very instance – the more you Post on Snizl, the more seeds you’re planting.

So, as soon as they realise they need your services, your business will pop right up as an established and consistent brand that can give them the answer to their problem (BIG green tick).

Thanks to the handy Analytics Dashboard on each business page, data shows how many people have seen your Posts on the feed. So, if you then notice a high search volume via Google a couple of days or weeks after, you know the seed planting is working.

You should see an overall lift in page views and web forms. CTR alone proves to be a poor indicator of performance as it is often unrelated to other metrics that show a level of engagement or purchase intent
Click-through rates on Snizl Posts should not be taken as a set in stone performance indicator of how well you’re doing on the platform. You may have thousands of impressions but low Claim rates, although, this doesn’t take into account the number of searches your brand is now getting because of this seed-planting advertising. Fall off and discontinue posting, Views & Impressions will decrease and so will search volumes.

Want to learn more about how to gain a large following on Snizl you can sell to? We reveal all in last weeks blog, How To Gain a Large New Customer Base, Almost Instantly.

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