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Did you know, businesses signed up to Snizl and who share their posts to their social media channels have a significantly higher percentage of click-throughs than a business who does not share their posts at all?

Combining Snizl and Social Media

Snizl is a great place for attracting new customers, communicating with your followers and posting your product or service to our 200,000 users. If you want to set up your business on Snizl and start selling from the comfort of your own home for free, visit the Snizl for Business website.

Sharing on Snizl has been made so simple so that you, as a business owner, can share your deals, business updates and more, not only with your following on Snizl but to your friends and family on social media as well.

Doing this with every post you create on Snizl will not only spread the word about your brand, but it will increase the chance of click-throughs to your product, and therefore, sales.

While social media is a brilliant platform for connecting with friends and family, it’s also a useful place to do business as well. You may find social media is great for answering customer questions, updating your clientele on things to do with the company and checking out the competition. If you don’t have your business on at least one social media platform, it’s advisable you set one up. To do this, visit either one of these websites and learn how to set up a Facebook or Instagram Business Page.

How will sharing my Snizl Posts on Social Media benefit my business?

First of all, if you’re on Snizl but still not sure how to post, visit our short blog guiding you through posting a Deal, Promotion, Competition or Event. If you’re not signed up to Snizl yet, create your business page now.

Snizl has over 200,000 users active and checking the Snizl feed frequently. And although posting to Snizl only will be effective, it is wise to widen the reach of your Snizl posts by sharing with your audience on social media (this may be your friend’s list, groups you’ve joined and even family). This will enable you to show your Snizl business updates to an even bigger audience!

There are 42 million users on social media in the UK, and although Snizls users have a purchasing-focused mindset, friends and family on social media will be able to share your post even further. By word of mouth and sharing, you’ll have double the audience you once had if you were only using either of the platforms.

Once a social media user has clicked through to your Snizl post, they have the option to ‘follow’ your business. Once they click on this, you’ll then be able to send your followers on Snizl push notifications directly to their phone, notifying them about new Deals, Promotions, Competitions or Events your business has posted, increasing the chances once again of selling your product. No other marketing platform has this feature. You’ll be sending your product directly to their device.

All of these benefits combined; widening your audience, spreading brand recognition and gaining followers on Snizl to communicate with directly, all contribute to the increase of sales for your business.

Sound good? Let’s start sharing…

How to share to Social Media via Snizl

To start sharing your Snizl posts on to social media to gain a wider audience, you need to have posts to share. If you’re not sure how to create a post or need a reminder, visit our blog containing a step by step process of creating your first post.

So, to start sharing on social media you need to log in to Snizl.

sign in to Snizl

You’ll be brought to the main feed. This is where businesses post their Deals, Promotions, Competitions and Events for Snizl users to see.

The Snizl feed, where you can start sharing your posts

Click the top right corner and go to ‘Manage Posts’. This will bring you to your Posts Managing page. Here, you can find your recent post, whether that be in Deals, Promotions etc.

share on social media via the view post button

Click ‘View Post’ on the Post you’d like to share to social media, this action will take you to the Post.

share on social media via the social media channel buttons on the post

Then, by clicking the Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn buttons, you can share your Post to social media quickly and easily, allowing your friends and family on social media to see what you’ve posted, visit your business on Snizl and become followers of your Snizl business page!

Top Tip: If you’re about to create a post, you don’t have to do this whole process, at the end of creating the post, there will be an option to start sharing, or you can grab the link and paste the link wherever you like.

Get even more out of sharing with this handy tip…

Did you know? Not only can you share Snizl posts to your newsfeed on Facebook, but you can share to groups too! If you’re in Facebook groups where sharing is allowed, why not share your Snizl posts in those? This will target group members directly and increase the chance of click-throughs – especially if you know the people in the group!

Or, if you have a business page you manage, share directly on there. This will be visible to your page likers, and therefore gives your post an increased chance of getting click-throughs.

Find out how to do this in detail via the Snizl Help Article.

Sharing to your business Page on Facebook is simple!

Those few simple steps are all it takes to start building a brand, start here.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email us at [email protected] where we can try and assist you in answering any questions or queries related to setting up your business on Snizl, how to start posting, and how to start sharing in order to build your audience.

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