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Snizl Success Stories: Home Decor Business Gains 2k Followers

Have you ever heard of a business gaining over 2,000 followers in under 4 months on any other platform? New Cosiness, a home decor, textiles and accessories business achieved exactly that using the Snizl Marketing Platform.

While scouring the internet for “online advertising within budget for better brand exposure” the owner of New Cosiness found Snizl.

They got stuck in, posting a Competition just one day after signing up to the platform and instantly made 1,300 followers.

“What’s the background of New Cosiness?”

I am an interior designer by profession. Due to the pandemic, working from home gave me the time to get stuck into a new venture. I decided to go into selling home decor, home textiles, kitchen and home accessories, bathroom decor and health/fitness items online at affordable prices – at the same time being in the same field. Through the course of lockdown, online shopping was becoming increasingly safe and popular, so I knew there were a lot of benefits to setting up the business. Therefore, New Cosiness was launched in May 2020.

– Owner, New Cosiness
New Cosiness Posts on Snizl: Home decor, fitness, textiles & health.
New Cosiness on Snizl: Home decor, fitness, textiles & health.

How did the business grow its followers so fast?

The Snizl Marketing team share businesses Competitions and regular Posts to popular external channels with large audience bases.

When a Competition is entered by a user, they’re instantly and automatically converted to a follower of the business.

This, along with Premium Benefits which include being featured in our marketing emails to over a quarter of a million users, is what generates huge audiences in the form of followers in such a short space of time.

Businesses can then get to work using Premium Benefits such as pushing and boosting Posts to their newfound followers’ devices to generate leads and revenue.

“What made you choose Snizl?”

As a new business, I was looking for online advertising within our budget which would offer better brand exposure. We needed affordable advertising which would generate traffic towards the website, in this search I came across the Snizl Facebook Ad and contacted the team. Starting initially on the Free Plan, after a few days we decided to upgrade to premium. We uploaded some products along with an item for a Competition Post and we were surprised by the fast growth of followers from a single Competition. The platform is very easy to use and navigate and the support team is very helpful with immediate reply.

– Owner, New Cosiness

3 Competitions and 2,000 followers later, New Cosiness take full advantage of Premium Benefits

After feeling the benefits of our Viral Competition Method, New Cosiness now uses our Premium Features to re-engage this massive following.

The platform allows businesses to push their new Posts to their followers devices, which increases the chance to generate revenue and sales.

I have been using the boost features and they have been very helpful.

– Owner, New Cosiness
Competitions have allowed New Cosiness to grow exponentially over the course of their time using the platform.

“Would you recommend Snizl to other, like-minded business owners?”

Yes, I would highly recommend Snizl to all businesses, especially new businesses as it is good value for money.

– Owner, New Cosiness

At Snizl, we pride ourselves on our value for money. There is no other marketing platform out there that can generate an active, interested following in such a short space of time.

At £10.00 per month, we believe our marketing and advertising services are fantastic value for money, and it offers a level playing field for all kinds of business owners no matter the budget.

New Cosiness uses our Boost features to get even more Claims on their Posts promoting their products.
Increase Claims (i.e. leads) by using our marketing platforms’ Boost features.

Try our show-stopping, lead-generating marketing tools today to generate an interested audience for your brand!

Or, create a Free Post on Snizl to see instant engagement.

If you’d like to see success like this for your business, upgrade.

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