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24 Hours on Snizl, Faster Growth Than Any Other Platform: Nutrilicious Case Study

What other platform can you think of, that gives you visible growth in 24 hours?

For Nutrilicious on Snizl, that’s what they’re experiencing right now. 24-hour growth. And it could be your business!

How and why?

Well, firstly, Nutrilicious have set their business page up like champs!

A clear logo, a description that highlights the core values of their company, and a bright, high-quality header image – The perfect example of a business page ready for success!

Nutrilicious have set up their business page to perfection – They’re ready for success!

What is the background of Nutrilicious?

We make healthy coated pumpkin seed snacks that fit into a wide variety of diets such as plant-based, gluten free, keto, low-carb and high protein.

Why pumpkin seeds? Well our co-founder is allergic to nuts but found pumpkin seeds to be a great alternative with a fantastic crunch and they’re super nutritious.

This formed the ‘Nutri’ part but we were missing the ‘Licious’ so we decided to thinly coat the seeds in a variety of chocolate and savoury flavours to provide that moreish taste whilst still being really healthy.

We’re also super committed to the planet, so all of our packaging is recyclable and our ingredients (especially pumpkin seeds) are super sustainable with really low Carbon Emissions and Water Usage compared to meat & nuts.

– Amit, Owner of Nutrilicious

Growth via Competitions

The first Post Nutrilicious have created on Snizl is a Competition Post.

Competition Posts work great on Snizl because they offer something for free to our vast audience of 400,000+ who are already interested in Competitions (because we host our own selection of Free Competitions on the Snizl Feed)

Therefore, by offering an interested audience something for Free, your business will gain entries. These entrees are automatically generated into followers of your business.

Nutrilicious liked the fact Snizl is Free to join

It’s a great platform with a free option to give it a try so minimal risk but the potential for great rewards, what’s not to like.

– Amit, Nutrilicious Owner

What’s so good about followers?

When you have gained followers for your business, you can market your products straight back to your followers via push notifications and other Boost options which you can see here.

Competitions really do generate a rapid following

We gained followers in about an hour which is great! Whilst writing this I just checked and we’re up to 76 followers. Whilst it’s a small number, it’s been just over an hour so not bad so far!

– Amit, Nutrilicious Owner (16.09.21 12:23pm)

By Posting Deal Posts and Promotion Posts on Snizl, promoting your latest offers and products, and using Boost options to get your followers to re-engage with your brand – you’re more likely to receive claims, sales and conversions!

Nutrilicious are well on their way to success

in just 24 hours, Nutrilicious have already seen a tonne of growth. These are the kinds of results you should expect to see as a business on Snizl, after posting a Competition – it really is that simple!

Snizl’s monthly plan is very affordable so it’s something we’re definitely going to be upgrading to in the next few days to take advantage of additional features and to gain more exposure.

– Amit, Nutrilicious Owner

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