3 Helpful How-to Videos to Improve Your Marketing Technique

Understanding how to use Snizl to it’s full potential has never been easier.

We know that independent business owners and entrepreneurs need quick and simple ways of marketing their products to completely new audiences.

That’s why we’ve put together 3 short, separate, How-To videos, each demonstrating a marketing technique which shows you how to use Snizl to your advantage.

Our handy set of minute-long How-To videos should leave you with enough knowledge on how to edit a Business Page, Post your product/service onto the Feed and how to Boost a Post for maximum engagement on Snizl.

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How to edit your Business Page on Snizl

We’ve made adding your business on Snizl as simple and easy as possible so you can get started using our platform and building a new audience, instantly.

Optimizing your business page so it contains enough detail about your business is vital if you want Snizl Users to trust and build a relationship with your brand.

Trust-building is one of the most important things you can do as a brand owner. This is because customers simply don’t want to do business with a company they cant trust.

Therefore, you need to present every piece of relevant information you can in order to build trust-worthy first impressions – giving you a higher chance of making sales in the future.

In order to build trust, adjust your business description, input and regularly update accurate opening times and add links to your business’ social media accounts.

All of these things are like stepping stones to gaining ultimate trust, and therefore, building a customer base who trust your brand and want to buy from you.

How to edit your Business Page on Snizl

How to create a Post on Snizl

Post creation on Snizl has been designed for business owners on the go.

Creating Posts consistently allows you to communicate with Snizl Users across the UK. Showcasing new Deals, sales, Promotions, giveaways, Competitions, announcements, events and more to a brand new audience has never been easier with Snizl.

We understand that running a business leaves you with a certain amount of time allocated to each task per day, that’s why we’ve made creating a Post as simple as 1,2,3.

How to create a Post on Snizl

And now there’s ‘Image Galleries‘.

As mentioned previously, building trust is vital as a brand and helps boost sales.

Studies show that having a collection of images of a product you’re selling increases the chance of making sales by 22.4%.

Image Galleries allows you to input multiple images onto your Snizl Posts. Showcasing different product variations and product angles will increase engagement on Posts, trust-build and help boost conversion rates because there’s simply more for your audience to look at.

Want to learn more about our shiny new feature and how it can help grow your business? Read our blog discussing How To Add Multiple Images to Image Galleries.

Image galleries is a great marketing technique to improve sales and engagements on your snizl posts
Image Galleries increase buyers attention, trust and conversion rates.

How to Boost a Post on Snizl

So you’ve adjusted your business page and it’s now at the highest possible standard. A crisp logo. A high-resolution header. A touching description that reveals the history of your business, the core message of your brand, your aims and objectives. The latest opening times and up-to-date links to your business’ social media channels.

What next?

We’ve given busy entrepreneurs the chance to Boost their existing Posts.

Marketing is all about consistency, quality and efficiency. That’s why we’ve included a never before seen feature to Boost your existing Posts back to the top of the Snizl Feed. Placing Posts firmly back in front of our 270,000+ users.

There’s also an option to Boost your Post to your Snizl followers. This sends a direct alert to your followers’ devices, alerting them about your Post. Increasing click-through and conversion rates.

Use our Boost feature as a marketing technique to increase views, claims and engagement on Posts
Boosting works in one of 3 ways. Boost to social media. Boost to the top of the Snizl feed. Or, Boost to your Snizl followers’ devices.


Well, that’s just the benefit of growing your following on Snizl. You have direct access to an audience who are interested in what you’re offering. Direct marketing at your fingertips increasing the chance of Views, Impressions and Claims.

Boosting Posts to the top of the feed gives Snizl business owners a quick and easy way of re-posting without the process of creating a whole new Post.

At just the click of a button, your Posts can be back at the top of the feed or on the front of your followers’ devices for all to see – good right?

How to Boost a Post on Snizl

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