Snizl’s Latest Release: What’s New on the Snizl Platform?

With our latest website update, our aim was to introduce brand new features which independent business can use at a super low cost which will help generate a new audience and increase sales.

To do this, we’d have to speak with existing Snizl Business owners. The Success Story Case Studies on the Snizl blog highlights exactly how success can be gained via the Free Plan and The Premium Plan and clearly demonstrates not only what already works well, but it has also shown us what needed to be done further to improve Snizl, so independent business owners have easier, fairer and more successful experiences selling/marketing online.

Our story…

We understand that being an entrepreneur isn’t always as glamorous as it may seem. There are quiet days, and there are busy. Trust us, back in September 2019 there we’re just 74,000 Snizl users signed up, and in exactly one year we’ve tripled our growth, hitting over 260,000 users this September.

How did we grow so fast? Well, to put it simply, we used our own platform to grow via Competitions.

We built Snizl Competitions to create a way for businesses to grow an audience fast while gaining visibility for products and/or services.

If a business decides to offer something for free in the form of a Snizl Competition, whether it’s a product from their stock or something completely unrelated, Snizl users will share it organically to their social media after viewing it on the feed because of the ‘extra-entries’ incentive when sharing. Then, when others enter, they become a Snizl user and are automatically converted to followers of your business. This gives your business a brand new audience you never had access to before while remaining transparent with your audience as you’ve gifted one of these lucky Snizl users with a freebie.

Once your business has followers on Snizl, you can send each of these followers push notifications, alerting them to your latest Deals and Promotions – helping to increase sales.

Once businesses start to gain followers, an alert can be sent out notifying Snizl users of a new competition posted and thus, a ripple effect.

The fact we utilized our own platform in a way any other Snizl business can and grew exponentially in just one year proves that our platform works. Posting Competitions is just one way your business can utilise Snizl to grow your brand, alongside our brand new features, the Snizl platform has everything you need to become an established brand with a loyal client base.

Still not convinced? Check out The Mobile Clothes Shop Success Story.

The New Features

We’ve designed the latest Snizl release to be our best yet, guiding and helping you to create a solid online presence, with access to a constant stream of new customers from all over the UK. Within the new release, there are 10 groundbreaking features tried and tested, proven to help your independent business grow.

The 5 Free Plan Features

Containing a mixture of original and brand new features, the Free Plan is the standard plan every business is automatically signed up to when they join. Don’t be fooled though, many businesses have seen success with the Free Plan, take Boom Boom London for example, a business who specialises in selling fashion and accessories online, they reached just under 40,000 Snizl Users in a jaw-dropping 11 days!

Create Powerful Posts

To get your product on the Snizl feed, you have the option to create either a Deal or Promotion Post. You can also create Events and Competitions (as mentioned previously). Snizl users can scroll on the feed to view, engage, and click on Posts to claim them, boosting traffic to your website and creating sales. To see the success of a post, including how many times it’s been interacted with, head to Analytics.

Real-Time Analytics

With the Free Plan, you can see a standard analytics overview dedicated to showing you how many Claims, Impressions, and Views your posts have received. Seeing this Real-Time data at the click of a button is fantastic for measuring the success of posts and customers’ buying trends. Using the standard analytics dashboard will not only help you check data but learn about your audience and what they engage with.

Run Competitions

Unsatisfied with the level of engagement your posts are getting? Want more to gain more Snizl followers, allowing you to build an audience interested in your business? Is one of your targets to increase sales? Run Snizl Competitions.

Like our very own story and hundreds of other businesses, Snizl Competitions have allowed businesses to build their very own audience who are interested in what they’re selling, target and market their product directly to their mobile devices, increasing sales drastically.

Reach More Customers

With the Snizl Free Plan, you have the ability to reach more customers. On any Post you put up on the Snizl feed, quick and easy share buttons are featured at the bottom. These buttons allow for fast sharing across a wide range of social media channels, increasing traffic back to your website.

Want more traffic? Ask friends and family to share your Snizl posts. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Sell Products

Gained hundreds of followers via Competitions and/or sharing? Use Snizl like your very own online shop by Selling Products. We created the smart Buy Now button, allowing you to set a payment method so that Snizl users can become Snizl shoppers in the click of a button.

Cut out the middle man! Enjoy making sales directly through Snizl with no need for a website. Faster ways to make payments increases the chance of sales.

The 5 Premium Features

When you upgrade to Premium you unlock a whole new playing field for marketing online. We’ve handcrafted some of the best features to help you communicate with and sell to new audiences and for just £10.00 per month, it’s incredibly affordable for independent, local businesses on a budget.

Priority Support

Need help at any point? The Snizl Help Team will prioritise your live chat messages and emails, answering you fast, so you can solve any issues and ask any queries quickly and easily – perfect for retaining those all-important customers.

Instant Competitions

Beat the queue with Instant Competitions. The number of businesses signed up to Snizl is growing every day and with hosting Competitions proving to be a fast road to success, upgrading to Premium will help you skip the line when waiting for approval on new Competition Posts. As a Premium Business, as soon as you create a Competition Post, it’ll go live on the feed for our 260,000 Snizl users to engage with.

Advanced Analytics

So you can see real-time data on the Free Plan already e.g. the number of Impressions, Views, and Claims. But, do you know where your audience is coming from specifically so you can take action and target them directly? The Advanced Analytics Dashboard will show you which traffic sources create the most engagement so you can focus your time effectively and wisely in the future, helping to grow your business.

Custom Call To Action Buttons

What’s more effective than a customisable, clickable button on Posts? Tried and tested, Call To Action buttons are proven to be 70% more effective when scrolling on the feed. If Snizl users see a big bold button underneath a Deal Post, they’re 70% more likely to click than if there was no button.

What’s more for Call To Action buttons on the Premium Plan? You’ll have a drop-down box listing every variation of button text, so you can choose which CTA button fits the Post, depending on the context. (Top Tip: try variations of CTA buttons with Post types and measure their success on the Analytics Dashboard to increase sales!)

Call To Action buttons will rapidly increase the click-through rate on your Snizl Posts, increasing traffic back to your website and thus, sales.

Boost Your Posts

Last but by no means least, with Premium, you’ll have the ability to not only boost your posts to the top of the feed in front of 260,000+ users, but you’ll also be able to send push notifications to Snizl users phones. As mentioned before, this comes hand in hand if you want quicker growth for your business.

Sending push notifications out means that you’ll be able to notify all of your business’ followers that you’ve got a new Post on the feed, and with a conversion rate of a 40% it’s a feature you don’t want to miss.

Push notifications alert Snizl users about your businesses’ new Posts.

Exciting Extras…

Not only are we offering the features above which will help you excel in online marketing, but we’ve also added a few smaller yet unmissable features which are too exciting not to mention.

NEW Snizl Resources

We’ve added Snizl Resources under ‘promote’, helping you to share your business quicker and easier than ever before.

Snizl Buttons

These allow you to add a button to your website. Simply copy the provided code and paste it into your website where you want the button to show, allowing for customers to easily flow back into Snizl after landing on your website via the claim option. With easy website navigation, you’ll be building a better relationship with your audience.

Snizl Graphics

Snizl Graphics have been created for you to use in any way you like. Maybe you want to announce on social media that you’ve got some exciting Promotions up on the Snizl feed. Or, maybe you need a banner for email marketing. Use the brand new graphics for aesthetics and ease.

Additional Services

  • Logo Design Package
  • Featured Image Design
  • Social Media Review (Free with Premium Plan)
  • Facebooks Ad Setup & Management
  • Flyers/Posters
For more information on each of these, click the image above.

Sound good?

We’ve worked hard to make Snizl the easiest place for your business to sell to over 260,000+ users and counting.

Having your product visible to an audience of this size has never been so accessible and with our shiny brand-new features, helping you to target certain niches and demographics better, to produce more income for your business, has never been so simple. And guess what? It’s completely free (until you inevitably decide to upgrade to Premium because you’re so impressed – and even that’s just £10.00 per month!).


We understand that there are many complicated and time-consuming roads to go down when it comes to marketing for your business. That’s why we’ve worked hard to make sure our marketing platform does not come under that same umbrella.

We’re proud to do what we do here at Snizl. There are so many authentic, independent businesses out there who just aren’t getting the voice and reach they deserve. So, by building our platform and offering usage for free, we strive to play a part in local businesses’ getting what they deserve as a product of hardworking entrepreneurs.

To register your business on Snizl for Free, visit the website. If you’ve already signed up to Snizl and want to get stuck back into marketing to over a quarter of a million people, sign in. And finally, if you’re on the Free Plan and you’re ready to take the next step to become a successful online brand using our all-new features, sign up for Premium at just £10.00 per month.

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