Over a Quarter of a Million People to advertise to, for the cost of a Freddo per day

Now we know there’s a slight stigma surrounding the ever-rising price of a Freddo due to inflation. But, as it stands, Freddo’s are around 25 – 30p on the shelf. When thinking about your business as an entrepreneur, is the cost of a Freddo per day worth it if what you get in return is […]


3 Helpful How-to Videos to Improve Your Marketing Technique

Understanding how to use Snizl to it’s full potential has never been easier. We know that independent business owners and entrepreneurs need quick and simple ways of marketing their products to completely new audiences. That’s why we’ve put together 3 short, separate, How-To videos, each demonstrating a marketing technique which shows you how to use […]

Snizl Success stories

Snizl Success Stories: Combining Snizl and Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing comes with the new age world of earning an income digitally. Over the past few years, as we watch social networking sites flourish, individuals with experience using social platforms have the opportunity to sell other businesses’ products for a cut of the profit. This allows a brand to target their desired audience, and […]