Father’s Day Marketing Ideas That’ll Blow Customers’ Minds!

COVID-19 may have changed how we celebrate annual holidays in the family, but as a business owner, consumers still plan on opening up their wallets to show Dad some love this Father’s Day.

Spend some time using these ideas to plan out an effective marketing campaign and boost your sales in the run-up to Father’s Day with our 5 effective marketing ideas that’ll blow customers’ minds!

A digital calendar full of surprises

A great way to host a Father’s Day marketing campaign is to reveal a range of surprises each day. The Father’s Day event can run from at least 3 days onwards, with each day offering customers either a brand new deal, promotion, competition, discount code and anything else you’d like to offer your audience.

Announce each calendar day on either your website, via a marketing email, social media or Snizl Promotion posts. Create a build-up to the campaign online and spread the word of the date the calendar surprise starts and ends, so your audience knows exactly what lookout for.

Host a calendar full of surprises as a Father's Day Marketing technique!

Create a unique gift guide

When thinking about gift guides for Dad’s, it may seem pretty simple. Aftershave, socks, a wallet or some beer. But, many dads aren’t that typical demographic! If you can think outside the box and create an interesting gift guide that fits with many different types of Dad demographics, you’re in for the win.

There are fishermen Dad’s. Dad’s into tech. Even dad’s into collecting Star Wars figurines. So, don’t limit your product, and your brand, on an annual holiday as significant as Father’s Day.

Create the gift guide on a section of your website, a blog, or list it as Promotion Posts on Snizl.

Want to see how to create a Father’s Day gift guide? Visit the Good Housekeeping website listing 24 DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas to spark ideas of your own.

Create a custom bundle

You may sell some quality products which are perfect for Father’s Day that you want to bring to the attention of your customers. One way to do this is to create a customised bundle your self, and sell it as ‘The Ultimate Father’s Day Hamper/Collection’.

Hand-selecting some of the best products from your website or stock, will reduce the time customers spend searching on your website and therefore will increase the chances of impulse buying. Get the prices right. Don’t price the bundle stupidly high, this might deter customers. Do some research on Father’s Day Hampers and price the custom bundle within your means, yet beating the market.

Custom bundles for any annual holiday reduce the amount of time wasted on the website and increases impulse buying

Host a Father’s Day Sale

During the run-up to Father’s Day, you could promote a Father’s Day Sale. Create a section on your website, or list Deal Posts on Snizl, dedicated to Father’s Day gifts at a discount. Or, gather a collection of products of your choosing which Dad’s may be interested in and knock a percentage off each item.

You could even offer a discount code on your social media channels or via Snizl promotion posts e.g. ‘use the code DAD20 for 20% off your order!’ this ties in with the Father’s Day theme and encourages more people to purchase.

Hosting a sale is essential during annual holidays like Father's Day.

Host a Competition

Competitions are a great way of gaining new followers, increasing traffic to your website and reaching new audiences. You could host a competition on social media and handle the giveaway manually, although to gain followers quickly and create an audience you can sell to directly in the future, you may want to consider hosting a Snizl Competition.

We handle the Competition for you, giving you a layout in which your Competition will be shown on our feed to over 200,000 users.

When the Competition end date is up, a winner is picked automatically then it’s over to you to gather details and send out the prize. Snizl Competitions make it much less complicated trying to get each participant to ‘like’, ‘comment’ and ‘share’ your page on social media. Participants on Snizl follow your business automatically and then they’re there to boost posts to in the future, so it’s a win-win.

Hosting competitions create a wider audience and more traffic flowing through to your website.

Father’s Day Marketing works…

The marketing ideas above can be utilised for other annual holidays too. e.g. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and more. If you have an effective campaign plan and you start with plenty of time before 21st June, expect to see a rise in traffic to your website and enjoy increased sales in the future when you keep up the momentum of effective, quality marketing campaigns.

Thinking about advertising but not sure whether to amidst the ongoing pandemic? Don’t sit back and wait for it to blow over. This could be detrimental to your business. Read our short blog explaining why.

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