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Featured Posts: Our All New Advertising Tool

Here at Snizl, we’re always thinking about new ways to give businesses the exposure they deserve and a fair opportunity to gain new customers.

Our rapidly-growing platform now has 409,000 users signed up. And they’re all scrolling, shopping, viewing Posts and entering Competitions on the Snizl feed.

We’re nearly at a quarter of a million users, so we thought we’d answer a couple of the questions we get asked so frequently, in line with our latest feature on the Snizl Platform.

“How can my business stand out? What can I do to be the first in the line when users visit the Snizl Website?”

Be at the forefront with Featured Posts

We’ve added Featured Posts as one of our Boost options.

Users see businesses featured posts at the top of the feed whenever they visit the site. They’re compact versions of Posts so they’re easier to view, take up less space on the feed and they’re one big Call To Action – so users can take action by clicking through to the post to learn more!

They’re the newest addition to the feed and already, one of the highest performing features we offer.

If you’re wondering the same thing “how do I get my business noticed?” Featured Posts is for you.

Featured Posts glide along the top of the Snizl Feed.
Featured Posts glide along the top of the Snizl Feed, they’re what our users first see when visiting the website.

How to add a Featured Post

All a business owner has to do to get one of their posts to be featured is head to their business page and click ‘Manage Posts’.

Go into Post Management to feature your Post.
Go into Post Management to feature your Post.

Then, select the Post you want to feature by clicking ‘Boost’.

Click 'Boost' on your Post to get it on our Featured Posts!
Click ‘Boost’ on your Post to get it featured!

Use the slider to decide how kong you want your Post featured for, and at what cost!

Featured Posts allows you to use the toggle to decide how long you want your Post at the top of the feed and at what cost!

It’s flexible, easy to use, and quick – all of the things great marketing should be.

For everyone

Featured Posts is for everyone.

With our newest feature, we wanted to make it available for all businesses – to reinforce the fact that each and every business should have a level playing field when it comes to digital marketing.

So, Featured Posts is not exclusive to our Premium Plan businesses, it’s available for all to use and take advantage of, at a flexible rate and for as long as you decide!

Low cost, high performance

For just £2.00 per day, your Post could be in our Featured Post selection at the top of the feed! A Post can stay there for a maximum of 14 days and a minimum of 1. Use the handy toggle to decide how much you’d like to spend on being Featured.

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