How To Gain a Large New Customer Base, Almost Instantly

As a business owner, your thoughts at present may go a little like this, ‘how am I going to get new and potential customers to see my brand?’ and ‘where do I go for affordable marketing while money is tight?’. At Snizl, we’ve created a marketing platform designed to solve those issues.

In this blog, we’re going to explain how to gain a large new customer base almost instantly using Snizl’s viral Competition feature.

Think of it not as a feature, but a benefit. Hosting Competitions on Snizl is simple, easy, high-performing and free. It’s costs nothing and with our User count now at 320,000, we’re betting on the ‘almost instantly’ part!

What’s so effective about hosting Competitions?

Competitions spread like wildfire thanks to social media and other digital platforms. On Instagram, we see ‘share to your story’ which grows views and followers. On Facebook, we see ‘like and share’ which grows engagement and brand awareness. And on Snizl it’s simply ‘Post’ – which gives you access to 320,000 interested people, instantly.

Competitions are effective because as a brand, you appear credible and trustworthy if you’re awarding your audience with something for free. Competitions spread quickly and while they’re at it, boost brand awareness – which is fantastic for accumulating new customers.

How Snizl Competitions work

Posting a Competition to Snizl is simple. Choose what you wish to give away, whether it be an outsourced prize or a product from your business.

Ensure you’ve got clear images of your product and start creating the Competition Post.

Forgotten what a Post is or how to Post? Find out.

Post a Competition to the feed to boost your follower count so you can market your brand back to them in the future. Posting is free!

Once you’ve created the Post, the Snizl Marketing Team get an instant notification and begin sharing your Competition Post to our social media channels (with a combined following of 16,000).

The marketing team prioritise Premium Plan businesses when re-sharing to social media channels.

Your Competition Post goes live on the feed to our Users and if you’re Premium, it’ll be included in our newsletters to all Snizl Users, also handpicked by our marketing team.

Keep tabs on your Analytics Dashboard and keep checking back to see how your Competition is performing.

Check out your Analytics Dashboard to monitor the progress of your Posts.

As Snizl Users enter your Competition, your business page follower count will grow.

With consistency, watch your follower count grow – it’s really that simple!

What can you do with all your new followers?

Once you’ve gained followers, Snizl allows you to re-engage with them at any time, by sending them push notifications.

Push notifications can be used to alert users about your new Deal, Promotion, Competition or Event Post!

Use the Boost feature to now market your business back to the followers you gained from your Competition.

By using Snizl in this effective, strategic yet surprisingly simple way, you can continuously grow your follower count and turn them into customers by using the push notification option to market your brand back to them.

It’s genius, and you get to do this and loads more, for just £10 per month. As a small business owner at a challenging time, you can’t go wrong. Give it a try!

We hope that has fully explained how to gain a large new customer base instantly using Snizl Competitions. Remember, for maximum results we highly recommend upgrading to Premium.

Any questions? take a look through our Help Articles.

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