Celebrate Over 250,000 Snizl Users With Us!

Shine your shoes, iron your shirts, and pour a glass of champagne because it’s celebration time here at Snizl! We’ve passed our first milestone of 250,000 Snizl users. Yes, that’s over a quarter of a million people scrolling, clicking, and shopping on the Snizl platform and we couldn’t be prouder, happier (or busier)!

Not to mention the 4,000+ independent businesses signed up from across the country, the growth we’ve seen over the past year has been incredible, and truthfully, it’s all down to you guys (with a fair share of swatting from the Snizl team, of course!).

Our development team and marketing team have been working non-stop to ensure that by this checkpoint of 250,000+ users, the Snizl platform is better than ever, with never before seen features on the Premium Plan giving online sellers of independent, local businesses the tools they need to market and sell their product effectively, while never being drowned out by the big brands.

We’re truly passionate about what we do here at Snizl and want to keep pushing to give local independent business owners everything they need to make doing what they love as simple as tying a shoe.

What’s next?

Although we’ve gained some impressive numbers and have seen some even more impressive businesses join us, we’re not stopping now. Our next milestone is to reach 500,000 users and optimize our website so it’s as user friendly as possible. We’re also introducing groundbreaking new unique features to Snizl to make it the go-to selling platform businesses can have at their fingertips daily which makes marketing and selling online, just that little bit easier for everyone.

We’re going to continue communicating with businesses who are signed up to Snizl to understand what we can do to make their digital selling experience easier and more successful.

The more we grow, the more you grow!

If you’d like to read some of our conversations with existing Snizl businesses, on the Free and Premium Plan, check out the blog.

There’s never been a better time to join Snizl

Do you offer a product or service you truly believe in, yet struggling to retain customers or appeal to new audiences? Choose Snizl. Are you thinking of going into affiliate marketing but aren’t sure what platform to promote on? Choose Snizl. Do you have a full-time job yet dream of owning your own little business to earn an extra income? Choose Snizl!

We’ve made our platform flexible and diverse so anyone can run a business online, at the touch of a few buttons. With Snizl, you can gather data and actively analyse audiences to see where your customers are coming from, so you can then target these audiences in the future with new products and services.

How to make the most out of our audience

Having 250,000+ Snizl Users signed up means your independent business has the opportunity to grow not just locally, but nationally using location-targeted posting (if you travel or offer a delivery/shipping service of course).

While businesses are thriving using only the Free Plan, there are a collection of businesses on Snizl who are using the Premium Plan to market their business and further promote their products.

Not only can Premium Plan users tell that the platform works better when they upgrade, but Premium Plan Snizl business owners are getting better results. This does not mean that the Free Plan won’t get you the engagement and growth you’re after though, because after analysing and discussing Boom Boom London’s success (an independent business owner using the Snizl platform via the Free Plan) we wrote the Success Story Case Study which proves that even in under two weeks you can reach thousands without paying a penny.

Snizl gives excitable entrepreneurs the platform and voice which is vital for all digital e-commerce. With the Premium Plan boasting with features which allow business owners to directly communicate with thousands of Snizl users, to the Free Plan allowing for unlimited posting to the Snizl feed, it’s certainly worth a try.

As a platform, an organisation and a team, we firmly believe shopping local is the future as much as we think technology is at an all-time high, so for you, we combine the two, helping bring authentic, small businesses’ products to market the modern way.

Start selling to over 250,000 Snizl Users today

Using all the groundbreaking features included in our Premium Plan for just £10.00 per month, or by using the Free Plan, you can gain access to a quarter of million Snizl Users to market and sell your product to, so, why wait? Join Snizl for free.

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