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Snizl Success Stories: How The Snizl Premium Plan Helped Grow an Independent Business

For this month’s Success Story, we speak to Simon Fancis, the owner of The Mobile Clothes Shop, an independent business sourcing designer and high street fashion, using the Snizl Premium Plan.

Joining Snizl in 2018, The Mobile Clothes Shop has seen some impressive numbers in terms of Engagements, Impressions and Claims and although this level of success can be seen on the Free Plan, as we demonstrate in our Boom Boom London Success Story Case Study, The Mobile Clothes Shop’s success has been intensified by using Premium.

From in-store to online

Simon Fancis discussed with us why he made the decision to begin selling his products online.

“The whole idea of The Mobile Clothes Shop is to deliver to customers a wide range of men’s and women’s designer products at the best prices. It’s all mobile. We started selling online so the shop can come directly to you, easier!”

– Simon Fancis

Selling online has plenty of benefits. You can enjoy the flexibility of being a business owner without the costs of renting a shop or market stall. Selling online is perfect if you’re passionate about owning a brand yet have a smaller budget.

Digital marketing = money bags for small business owners

Many entrepreneurs have what it takes to run a business, but, if you’re not going to adhere to popular marketing trends, as traditional as you may want to stay, unfortunately, it could be detrimental for your business. Simon Fancis knew that to help The Mobile Clothes Shop grow, he needed to have an online presence. This means allocating time to marketing and promoting his high-quality products on as many digital platforms as possible.

“I use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snizl. We get quite a lot of interaction on Facebook and Instagram but I get most of my impressions from Snizl.”

– Simon Fancis

Listen, you don’t have to be a tech whizz to be present digitally as a brand. All you need is a couple of accounts on each popular social media channel, a Snizl business account and someone within the business (whether that be your self, the apprentice or a family member) with fantastic attention to detail. It isn’t vital to have thousands of followers, but it is vital you spread your roots. Take advantage of free platforms to sell on so current customers and, more importantly, potential customers can build that oh-so-important brand recognition, establishing friendly, authentic rapport.

Posting frequently on social media channels, sharing your Snizl posts, having a link to your website in your ‘bio’ or information page, and posting high-quality images which help engage with your audience, is the tip of the ice-berg to having your social media marketing sussed out. Before you know it, it’ll be second nature, and you may even find you’ve got a pool of customers on each social media channel which rely on you for updates surrounding your product/service.

Incredible analytics (like, seriously)

Unsurprisingly, The Mobile Clothes Shop‘s analytics are truly impressive. Posting consistently (every day) means the Snizl Feed constantly features at least 1 product Post from them at any given time. This maximises traffic back to The Mobile Clothes Shop website massively which is demonstrated in the Analytics Overview below.

Simon Fancis describes our unique Analytics Overview as “great!”.

If you’re a Premium Plan Business Owner on Snizl you’ll have access not only to the Overview but you’ll also get to study and learn from the User Acquisition Analytics Board. This secondary feature though isn’t available for Free Plan Snizl business owners but it’s certainly worth having. For just £10.00 per month, you’ll be able to track where your audience is coming from so you know which platforms your marketing is successful.

This means that you can spend time growing other social media/marketing channels, focusing your time wisely. Simon Fancis receives the most engagement on Snizl, which means he doesn’t need to drastically improve his marketing technique on our platform. For growing on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, Simon could try other social media marketing techniques. These analytics prove how effective Snizl is for independent businesses in getting a product/service in front of new audiences.

Want to know how many people have clicked through to your website to make a purchase from a Snizl post? Well with the Premium Plan, now you can! We’re giving Premium Businesses access to analytics which goes even further than our platform. You’ll be able to see the number of Snizl Users who have clicked through to your website to make a purchase, not only is this great incentive to keep posting, but it’s fantastic for learning about your audience.

Premium Plan Businesses have automatic advantages to grow an independent business

The difference between the Free Plan and the Premium Plan isn’t just access to Analytics and Boosting, Premium packs features’ such as Instant Competitions and Priority Support. Like The Mobile Clothes Shop, Premium Plan Businesses have priority when it comes to our expert help here at Snizl, so you never miss a potential follower or customer.

Followers are important if you want to use the Boost feature. To gain followers, Snizl Competitions are the way forward. When a Snizl user enters your competitions, they automatically follow your business. This means you can then send direct, push notifications to Snizl users mobiles and/or tablets.

In short, you have 250,000+ Snizl users at your fingertips. Where else can you get this level of customer interaction?

I am going to be posting some more competitions because I’ve had 1,900 Snizl users follow me. This means I can send alerts and updates to their phone when I post something new.

– Simon Fancis

Simon understands he has a huge audience to market to with his 1.9k Snizl followers. Earned by posting just 5 Snizl Competitions, the platform Simon now has to broadcast new Deals, Promotions and Competitions to is vast. You won’t find this kind of reach at such an inexpensive price anywhere else.

In front of over 250,000 people for a fraction of an advertising budget

Success on the Snizl Free Plan is achievable, to say the least, but, if rapid growth is something you want for your business, Premium will help navigate you through more effectively.

For just £10.00 per month, Premium Plan Businesses can:

  • Take advantage of our rapidly growing user base
  • Create a following to sell to directly
  • Run your business in one place
  • Create a variation of Post types (e.g. Deal, Promotion, Competition)
  • Have Competitions handled automatically by us
  • Check out real-time analytics and learn from audiences
  • Reach new customers every day
  • Get your emails and live chat messages answered faster so you never miss a lead

The price made me upgrade to Premium. We started with a budget so the new Premium Plan price is good for advertising.

– Simon Fancis

During the pandemic, we realised that for independent businesses, it was going to be tough. That’s why we introduced Snizl for free and set the Premium Plan to just £10.00 per month, and we’ve decided to keep it that way – forever.

There’s nothing to lose…

With free cancellation at any time, taking the plunge just like Simon could prove to be a fantastic decision. Using the unique Snizl features we expertly created, designed and developed, combined with the entrepreneurship which made you become a business owner in the first place, we’re positive your selling experience on Snizl will be insightful, beneficial and surprising.

If you want to sign up for the Premium Plan or are thinking of joining Snizl I’d say just go for it, do some research on the website and get yourself out there with marketing and build up. It’s all about marketing and promoting. That’s why Snizl is good because you don’t have to spend all of your budget on marketing, it’s only a small fee so you can focus and spend budget on other business needs.

– Simon Fancis

Most of the nation is enjoying the sun, thrilled to finally indulge in a sense of normality, so now is the time to grasp affordable advertising and market your product effectively. Potential customers are spending less time at home on laptops but more time on their devices. Start marketing to a quarter of a million Snizl users for free or jump straight into Premium and take advantage of all of our fantastic features, there’s no time like the present.

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